North Cornwall Learning Trust

Lenka Chanter

Name: Lenka Chanter


Originally, I was born in the Czech Republic; I have been living in the UK for many years with my husband and our daughter. Cornwall has been my home for almost three decades. Having worked in retail management, I then pursued a teaching career. I wanted to be a teacher from my early childhood, it is my dream job and I relish it every day. I have been in education for over 25 years developing my skills and taking up different opportunities along the way. I speak five languages and I am very passionate about it, having taught languages in primary and secondary schools, including the adult learning classes. I joined The Roseland Trust in 2014 and I carried out different roles. Currently I am the Director for the East Cornwall Teaching School Hub for which The Roseland Academy has the designation.  I also lead the Trust Improvement as part of the Central Executive Team. 


A-levels related to foreign languages, business correspondence, accounting, secretarial skills and economic theories

BA - Russian, Exeter University


NASENCo qualification


Governance Experience:

As a member of the leadership team, I have been collaborating closely with the Trustees within the organisations across different areas and settings I have been part of. I have been the Chair of the CODE Maths Hub Strategic Board for several years.

Why a Trustee? 

This is my first role as a trustee. I see working in education as a great privilege where we can truly empower all the young people. Hopefully, my skills and knowledge will contribute to the success of all the schools within the NCLT and support the young people within the local community to embrace adulthood with ambition, a thirst to excel, and to enjoy and seek rewarding experiences in their lives with success. I look forward to forging positive working relationships with the staff and communities in the NCLT area. Every child deserves to learn in an extraordinary school. Every member of staff deserves to work in an extraordinary educational setting. Ultimately, we all share the same goal.