North Cornwall Learning Trust

Kristien Carrington

Headteacher, Sir James Smith's School

I have worked in education for over 20 years in a range of schools all over the world. From Adelaide in Southern Australia to the Fens of East Anglia and the Hampshire coast. I have enjoyed a variety of roles across a variety of schools. After taking time out to travel, my own children arrived and my wife and I decided that Cornwall was the ideal place to bring them up with its sun, sea and grandparents. I joined Sir James Smith's in 2006 when I took up the post of Subject Leader for History.

I joined the Senior Leadership Team in 2012 and since 2018 it has been my privilege to be the Headteacher of Sir James Smith’s School, only its fifth in nearly 70 years. I value a broad curriculum, one which allows every pupil to discover what it is they love doing. My ambition is to have a school full of happy children able to make interesting choices when they leave. To this end, it is impossible to exaggerate the importance of partnership - school, home and community. When this partnership is working together with the highest of expectations and ambitions for pupils, great things happen.