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Jonathan Holt


Jonathan Holt


I have lived in Camelford for nearly 30 years and have four children pass through SJS with two attending the sixth form; all have had a very positive and successful time at Camelford.

As a member of the local community, I have been chair of the Town Forum and of the management committee for Camelford Youth Club.  I am now chair of the board of Directors for Camelford Leisure Centre.

Wider Experience/Professional Qualifications:

BVSc, MRCVS.  Veterinary Surgeon for 40 years, ran my own practice for 25 years employing 10+ full and part-time staff.

Governor Experience

I have been a governor at SJS for 19 years.  I was chair of governors for seven years and vice chair for about the same time.  I have served on most of the committees / working parties and, at different times, have chaired both the Staffing & Finance and the Standards committees.  I have also chaired Personnel and Dismissal committees.

Why a Trustee?

I wanted to become a Trustee of the NCLT because I believe I have a wide skill set as a Governor, a member of the wider community and from running my own business for 25 years.  I have always believed that schools in an area should work together for the benefit of all the young people in that area and that, in this time of financial austerity, budget cuts and the withering of the capacity of the Local Authority to support schools effectively, a locally based Multi Academy Trust is the only positive way forward.