Useful Links

Useful Links


Trustees are essentially ‘hands-on’.

The Trust Board is primarily concerned with ensuring the Trust is run properly and is planning strategically for the overall success of every child in the trust and ensuring all schools are successful.

It controls financial and risk management functions for the trust as a whole. The schools share procurement via a Trust Chief Financial Officer. They also share data, school to school reviews and training events.

Learn more about individual Trustees using the links below:

  NCLT Trustee LB        Lee Bacchus     

   NCLT Trustee PB          Phil Banks


    NCLT Trustee LD         Lyn Davis           


NCLT Trustee RK           Ruth Krolik  


NCLT Trustee SP       Sarah Parkman


NCLT Trustee NQ        Naomi Quinn


NCLT Trustee JR    John Ruddleston

 NCLT Trustee RR       Robert Rush