North Cornwall Learning Trust


The NCLT will be guided by its Members.

They appoint the majority of Trustees; guard the values and ethos of the Trust; and monitor the activities of the Trust to ensure it is providing best value for parents, children and the wider community. Members are essentially ‘hands-off’ partners.

They have a number of statutory rights set out in the Academy Trust's Articles of Association (the Articles). They meet annually. There are five Members chosen for their varied backgrounds. One Member, the University of MarJon, is an institutional partner represented through a senior employee. The Chair of Trustees is automatically a Member and provides a bridge between Members and the board.

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Member MarJon                  MarJon        


NCLT Member CD                Clive Davis

Lyn Davis             Lyn Davis

      Member DF        Dominic Fairman

NCLT Member NQ      Naomi Quinn