North Cornwall Learning Trust

Headteacher Reference Group (HRG)

Whilst each Headteacher is responsible for their own school, they also have a collective responsibility for other schools in the MAT – this means their professional responsibility extends beyond their own school across the NCLT community.  Much of that responsibility will be explored and discharged through the Headteacher Reference Group (HRG).  The HRG is responsible for devising MAT-wide agreement on a range of practices and procedures.  The HRG comprises CEO, CFO and headteachers. Trustees will consult with and welcome recommendations from the HRG prior to determining actions or finalising decisions.

Learn more about the members of the Headteacher Reference Group using the links below:

  NCLT Headteacher AH       Anne Howard   

NCLT Headteacher HW       Helen Ward    

NCLT Headteacher JD       Juliet Davies    

Marc Cooper

Headteacher RM      Ruth Moore