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Our Vision Mission, Values and Beliefs

Our Vision

The aim of the Trust is to maximise the potential of all children in North Cornwall by schools collaborating to drive learning and broaden opportunities for pupils and staff.

We aim to optimise pupils’ feeling of self-worth, to develop their resilience and in turn their capacity to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Above all else, we will encourage pupils to be ambitious for themselves, our families and our communities.

Our Mission

Establish and sustain universal high expectations throughout the MAT so that local context and lack of opportunity do not limit achievement and progress for our young people.

The Trust has three simple objectives:

  • To make the most effective use of the resources available to provide the best possible school experience for all children in the area.
  • Improve every school to become outstanding through sharing school improvement activity, challenging each other to do even better and offering support – raising standards for all by ensuring effective teaching which accelerates progress, delivers outcomes and inspires a passion for learning
  • Help overcome constraints of rurality by raising aspiration and ensuring that all pupils have equality of opportunity and provision. Success is the birth-right of every individual, and schools must be relentless in their drive to ensure that this is delivered.

Our Values

Our work is underpinned by co-operative values:

  • Self-help
  • Self-responsibility
  • Equity
  • Equality
  • Democracy
  • Solidarity
  • Social responsibility
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Caring for others

These values inform everything that we do.

Our Beliefs

  • Strong collaboration with shared accountability can lead to better progress and attainment for pupils, and help schools meet rising expectations – closing the gap by raising standards for all especially the most disadvantaged children
  • Working together will make it easier to provide the best for all children in the area and result in greater opportunities – spreading best practice across the Trust.
  • In the importance of creating a MAT that focuses on progress and attainment from an early age with the emphasis on ‘keeping up’ avoiding the need to ‘catch-up’ – making sure no child is left behind.
  • Building an entitlement to ensure the more able /talented children, especially those that are also disadvantaged, are successfully prepared for transition to Post 16 and beyond – keeping open all educational and career pathways.
  • School leaders and teachers can share thinking and planning, to spread expertise and tackle challenges together – working SMARTER and more effectively.
  • Outstanding governance and leadership - trustees and governors can come together to share strategic thinking, combine skills and to support each other – high-quality governance at all levels.
  • School leaders, teachers and other staff can be shared across more than one school, enabling schools to find different solutions to recruitment challenges, retain staff by providing new opportunities within the group, and plan succession more effectively - smart deployment of personnel.
  • The MAT will provide greater opportunities for shared professional development for all staff within the Trust and across the schools – drawing on talent that exists within our schools and in so doing empowering staff.
  • Groups of schools can find it easier to find and fund specialist expertise (specialist teachers, but also specialists in data analysis, finance, health and safety) and to provide richer curricular and extra-curricular activities - getting the right staff in the right places.
  • The strategic financial planning, economies of scale and collective purchasing made possible within larger groups help schools cope better with shrinking budgets – making the £ go further for the benefit of our pupils.
  • The MAT will help us meet the challenge of rurality and sparsity by keeping an educational footprint at the heart of our communities – thinking strategically to safeguard futures.