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Organisational Chart

The chart below shows the organisation of the NCLT.

Trustees believe it is important that each school has its own local governing board (LGB) and headteacher.

The LGB will work closely with the school headteacher and focus on day-to-day school matters. LGBs will concern themselves with standards, safeguarding and stakeholders (pupils and parents). Support for LGB will be provided by the LGB Chairs group.

At the heart of the MAT is the Headteacher Reference Group (HRG). This is a practitioner panel made up of headteachers. The headteachers will work with the CEO and CFO to drive the Trust school improvement agenda. The HRG will ensure Trustees are kept fully informed enabling them to discharge their duties effectively.

Local accountability is a distinctive feature of the MAT. Each school will strive to engage parents and the wider community. Within our schools pupils and staff will play an important role helping to keep LGBs fully informed. Trustees are also committed to the participation of all stakeholders.